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Conditions of Borrowing

                  ( The Small Print )

The borrower is responsible to ensure that items borrowed are suitable for the age and skills of the children who will use them. The Toy Library shall not be liable for any injury, in any way. The Toy Library cannot accept any liability as a result of a failure to comply with specific instructions, and under no circumstances will the Toy Library be held liable for any injury caused by or arising from items supplied. The borrower must ensure that any or all children or person using any equipment supplied by the Toy Library are supervised at all times. It is the borrower’s responsibility to examine the supplied items prior to use to determine fitness and state of repair. The borrower shall be responsible for any indemnity against loss or damage. In the event of a loss or theft of the item/s supplied the borrower must  replace the item.  All items are to be returned in the same condition as borrowed. Items are collected from and returned to the Toy Library at South East Neighbourhood Centre.

         If your child is suffering from a communicable disease, please do not borrow toys until they are well. If your child has an infectious disease, whilst toys are on loan please disinfect them and leave in the sun for several days before returning & inform the toy librarian.






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